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Animal-Centered Environments

Animal-Centered Environments are based on the idea that barn systems should be designed around the health and biology of the animals and people inside the barn, not just the shape of the building.

You can put herd health and cow comfort first with fresh air, optimal light, and cool temperatures in any climate, all year long.
Animal Centered Environments

Climate Controlled Barns

Healthier cows maximize the production, profitability, and potential of your dairy farm. Improvements in dairy technology can drive instant ROI for your farm.

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Cool, fresh air keeps cows healthy and productive

Strategically designed air flow reduces heat stress, disease, and pests.
Treatment of heat stress in dairy cows
Barn industrial lighting

The brightest summer day, all year

Harvest and extend natural light to reduce winter losses

Cooling System

Minimize heat stress. Keep her cool and comfortable.
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Cooling System

Ventilation System

Deliver fresh air for healthier cows
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Long Day Lighting System

Optimal daylight to maximize milk production
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Animal-Centered Environment at Fetzer Farms

See how an ACE leads to a healthy farm
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Healthy Herd, Healthy Profits

The choice of the world’s most successful dairies, Animal-Centered Environments (ACEs) are designed around the cow herself and people who work inside. ACEs maintain the best conditions for optimal cow health and production in all climates, all year long. VES employs engineers and dairy veterinarians to design custom environmental systems around the biology of cows, not just the shape of the building. Our DairyBOS (Dairy Barn Operating System) is the leading Animal-Centered Environment. It provides dairies around the world the control and information they need to maximize production, profits, and potential.
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Learn about DairyBOS

The Dairy Barn Operating System for an Animal-Centered Environment

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