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Cooling System

Cooling system that prevents heat stress in dairy cows

Minimize Production Losses in Extreme Heat

In an Animal-Centered Environment, cows need cool, comfortable environments to encourage feed consumption and improve milk production. When combined with an effective ventilation system, a focused cooling system helps you drop the ambient temperature of your cows’ immediate space when it’s hot out and prevents heat stress in dairy cows.

Our team of veterinarians and dairy experts will analyze weather patterns in your area to reveal the most appropriate cooling system for humidity levels and conditions at your operations.

High Pressure Fogging: Most Effective

Evaluations made by our veterinarians have demonstrated the superiority of high pressure fogging systems to cool and reduce heat stress in dairy cows. In cases where humidity levels are too high, it is combined with alternative measures such as soaking.

Our High-Pressure Fogging system produces water droplets so small that they’re able to quickly evaporate and immediately begin cooling when activated. Rapid evaporation keeps animals, their bedding, and their environment dry to prevent disease. Fogging also reduces the added manure handling that can be generated by soaking or misting.

Targeted and Efficient Cooling

Fogging units applied to both inlet and recirculating fans offer focused and immediate cooling where cows spend their time. When connected to DairyBOS, sensors activate the system automatically based on temperature and humidity levels in the barn. And High Pressure Fogging’s use of microscopic droplets makes it highly efficient with both water and electricity.

Fogging mist system that helps prevent heat stress in dairy cows
Dairy Ventilation

Reduce Ambient Temps

We analyze the weather patterns in your area to maximize your cooling potential and keep your cows comfortable when it's hot outside. High Pressure Fogging is an immediate and targeted cooling solution to combat heat stress.

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Increase Milk Production

Combined with proper ventilation, you will reduce heat stress and seasonal production losses. Cool and comfortable cows consume the most feed and produce the most milk.

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No Water Mess

Delivered at 1,000psi, the microscopic water particles of this system evaporate faster than any alternative. Effectively cool your cows without creating a damp environment and wet bedding that can cause disease and access waste for your manure handling system.

“VES makes the only ventilation system that puts fresh air where we make our money.”

Cory Craig, Herd Manager

Herrema Dairy Fair Oaks, IN

“For the health of our cows, we care about fresh air passing through our barns at their level. That’s exactly what VES designs.”

Ken McCarty, MVP

Dairy and McCarty Family Farms Celina OH

“With VES I can get away and still know my cows are comfortable. I have the technology, control, and automation to see temperature, humidity, fan speed and essentially run this barn from my smart phone.”

Caleb Herrema, Owner

Herrema Dairy Fair Oaks, IN

“Our VES powered facilities have given us healthy heifers with great rate of gain and high conception rates.”

Paul Fetzer

Fetzer Farms Elmwood, WI

Barn Cooling Fans

Healthier cows maximize the production, profitability, and potential of your dairy farm. Improvements in dairy technology can drive instant ROI for your farm.

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