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Long Day Lighting

LED industrial lighting keeping facility bright and improves cow production

Summer Light All Year, for Less Energy

Milk production drops in the winter when the days get shorter. This is especially true at higher latitudes, where production can plummet by 5% or more.

VES Long Day Lighting system maintains summer light all year long with industrial lighting, so your cows don’t suffer the seasonal blues. By strategically placing the lamps with light sensors, they can automatically adjust based on the natural light.

Translucent Siding Harvests Natural Sunlight

The best light is still the sun, and it’s free! Polycarbonate siding on your barn lets in natural light, while filtering out damaging ultraviolet radiation. As daylight dims, the Long Day Lighting kicks in, maintaining that beautiful summer day even in the depths of winter.

Unparalleled Energy Efficiency

Ultra-efficient LED industrial lighting sips energy, so you can light your facilities for a fraction of the electricity cost of traditional lamps.

Translucent siding to improve cow production
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More Light, More Milk

Cows are sensitive to light. Longer days reduce winter production losses.

Outdoors Indoors

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Polycarbonate siding harvests natural light while filtering out harmful UV rays.

Lower Energy Bills

Ultra-efficient LED industrial lighting uses a fraction of the electricity of traditional incandescent lamps.

“VES makes the only ventilation system that puts fresh air where we make our money.”

Cory Craig, Herd Manager

Herrema Dairy Fair Oaks, IN

“For the health of our cows, we care about fresh air passing through our barns at their level. That’s exactly what VES designs.”

Ken McCarty, MVP

Dairy and McCarty Family Farms Celina OH

“With VES I can get away and still know my cows are comfortable. I have the technology, control, and automation to see temperature, humidity, fan speed and essentially run this barn from my smart phone.”

Caleb Herrema, Owner

Herrema Dairy Fair Oaks, IN

“Our VES powered facilities have given us healthy heifers with great rate of gain and high conception rates.”

Paul Fetzer

Fetzer Farms Elmwood, WI

LED Barn Lighting

Healthier cows maximize the production, profitability, and potential of your dairy farm. Improvements in dairy technology can drive instant ROI for your farm.

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