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Animal-Centered Ventilation: More Milk, Less Disease

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Healthy Cows Need Fresh Air Right Where They Live

Healthy cows need fresh, cool air. VES designs ventilation systems around the needs of the cow, not the building. Our direct drive fans pull fresh air into the structure, directs the air in waves to cow level, and then removes the dirty, heated air.

Fresh air keeps your cows’ body temperatures down, keeps bedding dry, helps prevent diseases from pneumonia to mastitis, and deters pests without chemicals. You’ll get more milk, more consistent reproduction, and lower health costs.

Powered by the Most Advanced Direct Drive Fans

You can now free yourself from the costs and hassles of unexpected maintenance and downtime. VES’s newest direct drive fan system, powered by the world’s most efficient motors from Software Motor Company™, will minimize your energy and maintenance bills and maximize your farm’s profit and potential.

Data to Maximize Your Impact

As part of DairyBOS, you can access your VES ventilation system dashboard from your smart device. See and interpret your performance in real-time, get preventative maintenance alerts, and adjust your animals' environment from wherever you are.

DairyBOS Dairy Technology For Animal-Centered Environment
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Increased Milk Production

Maintaining a cool body temperature keeps cows productive by reducing heat stress. This can raise milk production and conception rates.

Lower Disease

Drier bedding and consistent temperatures ward off some of the most common bovine diseases, from mastitis to pneumonia.

Pest Control

Natural Pest Control

A constant breeze and drier bedding keep insects away, so you can spend less on pesticides.

“VES makes the only ventilation system that puts fresh air where we make our money.”

Cory Craig, Herd Manager

Herrema Dairy Fair Oaks, IN

“For the health of our cows, we care about fresh air passing through our barns at their level. That’s exactly what VES designs.”

Ken McCarty, MVP

Dairy and McCarty Family Farms Celina OH

“With VES I can get away and still know my cows are comfortable. I have the technology, control, and automation to see temperature, humidity, fan speed and essentially run this barn from my smart phone.”

Caleb Herrema, Owner

Herrema Dairy Fair Oaks, IN

“Our VES powered facilities have given us healthy heifers with great rate of gain and high conception rates.”

Paul Fetzer

Fetzer Farms Elmwood, WI

Barn Ventilation

Healthier cows maximize the production, profitability, and potential of your dairy farm. Improvements in dairy technology can drive instant ROI for your farm.

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