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Don’t let barn heat drain your profits. With a VES system, your cows will be healthier and happier. Cows have a fragile system, and heat stress can cause a multitude of problems, including reduced breeding efficiency and a decreased appetite, leading to a smaller, less profitable animal. Keep your herd cool, comfortable, and healthy with an innovative VES system tailored to fit your unique farm.


Improve Health

Our systems offer a more efficient exchange of air for fresh, oxygen rich facilities. This leads to healthier, happier animals that require less medication. 


Increase Profitability

Heat stress can lead to a decrease in appetite, meaning a smaller, less profitable animal. VES systems are created to ensure your herd stays comfortable and cool.


Reduce Energy Usage

Our solutions include superior air exchange and improved velocity for better cooling. These energy efficient systems are providing many farmers with a 1-2 year payback on investment.

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Our Elite Dealers exclusively sell VES systems to their customers. We offer Elite Dealer price discounts, and consistent project support, from initial meetings to system and return on investment verification.


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