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The New Way to Maintain your Greenhouse

Temperature is the most important parameter when it comes to maintaining the climate of your greenhouse. A greenhouse’s temperature has a direct and significant impact on plant health. Too high of temperatures often reduces plant growth, while too low of temperatures may limit it. Ventilate and control the climate in your greenhouse with our innovative and energy-efficient system to optimize your plants’ health.


Reduce Costs

We make it easier to ventilate and cool your greenhouse, all while saving money. Our systems our efficient and improve plant, employee, and customer comfort.


Maximize Plant Growth

Our systems are tailored to maintain the ideal climate for your unique greenhouse. This consistency and reliability ensures maximum plant growth and profit.


Cultivate Control

Discover improved greenhouse management with our available multi-stage control, which allows you to customize the climate of your greenhouse.

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Elite VES Dealer.

Our Elite Dealers exclusively sell VES systems to their customers. We offer Elite Dealer price discounts, and consistent project support, from initial meetings to system and return on investment verification.


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Contact our carefully cultivated team of engineers and veterinarians to learn how a VES system will improve employee and animal environments.