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Healthy Environments for All Living Things

Environmental Control in any Industry


All living things deserve an environment they can thrive in. Whether it be cattle, poultry, pigs, humans, or plants – build a system designed to bring out their best.

beef cattle

Healthy environments can optimize cattle rate of gain.

Healthy poultry

Take control to minimize contamination and disease for healthy and plump birds.

Animal-centered swine technology

Control ammonia and other gases for safe and efficient environments to raise healthy hogs.


Provide plants with routine fresh air and carbon dioxide while maintaining proper humidity levels.


Replace or augment your HVAC system for cool and comfortable work environments.

The Ultimate Guide to Dairy

Discover tools and resources to raise healthy heifers and cows in clean and comfortable barns.

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“VES makes the only ventilation system that puts fresh air where we make our money.”

Cory Craig, Herd Manager

Herrema Dairy Fair Oaks, IN

Healthier cows maximize the production, profitability, and potential of your dairy farm. Improvements in dairy technology can drive instant ROI for your farm.

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