The VES Advantage

Building Innovation


VES is a forward-thinking company with innovative products and designs. Our fan systems ensure the best ventilation and application comfort in the world. We take the time to meet with each customer and discuss what they would like to accomplish with a new or renovated building. The VES systems and products will turn your customer’s facility into an environmental solution fit for a world-class operation, ensuring they’ll come back to you for their future environmental system needs.


complete climate control system in a barn


We work with our dealers and their customers throughout the entire process, from the initial purchase, through construction meetings, and finally with installation.

Our fan & light systems are designed to have a direct and significant impact on each user’s bottom line, and with our interchangeable parts can be tailored to fit the individual building, or updated after the initial purchase and installation.

VES products and systems are informed by research and designed with purpose and passion for the modern farm and industrial facility.

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Elite VES Dealer.

Our Elite Dealers exclusively sell VES systems to their customers. We offer Elite Dealer price discounts, and consistent project support, from initial meetings to system and return on investment verification.


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Contact our carefully cultivated team of engineers and veterinarians to learn how a VES system will improve employee and animal environments.