Why Choose

The VES System

Innovative Solutions to Help Your Business Grow

We offer the most powerful and efficient fans and lighting products available. Our environmental systems are expertly designed to guarantee immediate and long-term results for your agricultural or industrial business. With our available interchangeable parts, customers can have a VES system tailored perfectly to their unique facilities.

A VES system can have lasting impacts on buildings of all sizes from barns to warehouses. Maintaining comfortable environments can improve the health of employees and animals. Farm applications see increased production and fertility while reducing the chance of livestock illness and need for costly medicine.

Not all systems are created equal. VES systems ensure the best building ventilation and application comfort in the world.


Fresh Air

Supplying fresh air to employees and animals is the cornerstone of a VES system.


Better Efficiency

Increase efficiency with a VES system and spend more of your time and resources where they really matter.


Less Maintenance

VES is a leader in reliability. Our efficient and dependable systems will require less time and energy to maintain.

Become An

Elite VES Dealer.

Our Elite Dealers exclusively sell VES systems to their customers. We offer Elite Dealer price discounts, and consistent project support, from initial meetings to system and return on investment verification.


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Contact our carefully cultivated team of engineers and veterinarians to learn how a VES system will improve employee and animal environments.