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Our Elite Dealers exclusively offer VES systems to their customers. As a VES Elite Dealer, you’ll work closely with us to deliver VES systems to farmers of all sizes. Our systems are expertly designed to have an immediate and direct impact on each user’s bottom line, leading to happy customers that are likely to return.



VES Elite Dealers receive many extra benefits from us, including unparalleled project support, and an additional discount on top of the regular dealer price. And when customers come directly to us, we refer them to the closest Elite Dealer first.

We can help you design and customize each system to meet the needs of the individual farm you’re working with. We also offer consistent project support, from the initial design through weekly construction meetings, and finally in installation.


Lasting Effects

VES Elite Dealers enjoy unwavering support, price discounts, and more. Together, with our Elite Dealers, we strive to offer VES customers a system that will have immediate and long-lasting positive effects on their facilities, animals, and profits.



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Elite VES Dealer.

Our Elite Dealers exclusively sell VES systems to their customers. We offer Elite Dealer price discounts, and consistent project support, from initial meetings to system and return on investment verification.


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