Wei Feng: Our Animal Centered Environment Ventilation Manufacturing Partner

December 15, 2020

VES founded Zhongshan Wei Feng Ventilation Equipment Ltd (VES Asia) was founded in 2014 located in Zhongshan city, Guangdong province. As VES’s Chinese manufacturing subsidiary, Zhongshan’s main products are industrial ventilation fans, but also can provide other products used in barns, greenhouses, and other sites and design services.

VES understands the needs and concerns of dairy, poultry, and swine farmers, industrial facilities, and greenhouses. VES is a forward-thinking company with innovative products and designs. Our systems ensure the best ventilation and application comfort in the world. As our name outlines, we provide environmental solutions for a broad range of applications. We take the time to meet with the customer and discuss what they would like to accomplish with a new or renovated building. The VES systems and products will turn your facility into an environmental solution fit for a world-class operation. Our system focuses on key elements that guarantee an immediate and long term return.

Barn Ventilation System

Manufacturer Profile

Company name – Zhongshan Weifeng Ventilation Equipment Co Ltd

Address – Xin Ping Xin Road, Xin Ping Village, Minzhong Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China 528441

Tel: (86) 760 – 2376 1660

Fax: (86) 760 – 2376 1661

Email: sales@ves-asia